St. Patricks Day 2023 details to come.

300 WAYNE AVE. ​​​​DAYTON, OH​ ​45410


1. Make sure you have a safe ride home, use the free cab service provided by Montgomery County Prosecutor Matt Heck  ARRIVE SAFE PROGRAM, 937-449-9999.  Or make sure you have a designated driver.  OR USE UBER!!!!

2. We open at 5:30am, and due to the crowd size, we have streamlined our opening to ensure we can get in as many people in at 5:30am. We will have security at a table at 4:30am and they will be doing ID's, wristbands, taking $10 cover charge, and the 1st 100 people will get a ticket to redeem for a free St. Patrick's Day T-shirt. Those that get here by 4:30am, will be able to get their wristbands, and get back in line so there will be no wait at 5:30am when we open the doors. The line will form at the entrance in our BIG TENT - and will wrap around the corner of 5th St and Wayne Ave towards Francos.

3. If you don't want to fight crowds inside the pub, the tent will be fully functional at 5:30am. There will be beer and liquor.

4. The Big tent will have THREE draft beer trucks (NEW – we added a truck to our outdoor beer garden), a Jameson bar stocked with Jameson and Absolute Vodka Bombs and cocktails, a small bar upstairs on the deck as well as one in the covered patio, pudding shots, two food areas selling hamburgers, hot dogs, Guinness Brats, Pub Fries, and Fish. There will also be a merchandise area and two ATM’s (one located at main tent entrance on Wayne Ave and another by the food vending area under the big tent.  All sales under the tents are cash except the Jameson Bar and Merchandise which will accept credit cards. 

5. Our Facebook page and website has our full itinerary.WWW.DUBPUB.COM.  

6. Inside the pub you will find our full service restaurant serving our limited menu, but with all the Irish favorites. There will be live music inside starting at 11am, but Celtic Rock will be playing all day long inside. We have an ATM as well inside, so for those keeping score at home, we have three ATM's overall on site.

7. There is no GREEN BEER on site, so please don't ask - we are an authentic Irish Pub and we pride ourselves in Guinness perfect pint. If you want Green Beer, we suggest you enroll in Miami University - today. Here is a link for enrollment:

8. If you don’t like crowds, basically, St. Patrick's Day may not be for you, but if you look for the best time to come and participate in the revelry, we recommend either when we open, late morning or early afternoon. You will still have Guinness & Jameson, you will still see Irish Step Dancing, and you will hear amazing Irish music. The 5:30am spot is a sight to see, and only for the TRUE PROFESSIONALS. Late night will be busy, and the show is amazing, and the people are the best St. Patrick's Day revelers in the world!!!

9.  There will be a FREE shuttle bus going back and forth from The Dublin Pub to Flanagan’s.  It will run every 30 minute.  You can pick it up at The Dublin Pub on the hour and the :30.  The shuttle will run from 10am till midnight.

10. The tent will do last call at 12:15 and completely closed by 1. The Pub, however will be open inside with live music from White Knuckle Weekend.

11.  PARKING:  Great question!!  Where do you park?  There are streets all around the pub that offer on street free parking.  We recommend HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC CHURCH.  You ma have to give a small donation to park there, but it is right across the street from the pub, and you will be supporting Dayton’s oldest catholic church.