300 WAYNE AVE. ​​​​DAYTON, OH​ ​45410


As of Monday night, March 15, there is still one table available at 5:30am on St. Patrick's Day INSIDE.  The good news is we are opening up our outdoor patio area to online reservations first thing in the morning Tuesday, March 16th.  There will be only ten tables which are all hold ten people.  They are all $100, and will be available for a four hour block outside on our parking lot beer garden.  The tables are all the same.  THERE IS NO TABLE SERVICE/SERVERS AS THESE ARE SELF SERVE.   DRINKS ARE AVAILABLE FROM OUR BEER TRAILER & JAMESON BAR AND THERE IS A LIMITED OUTDDOOR FOOD VENDING AREA.

The Dublin Pub reserves the right to move performers and dancers to different stages (possibly outside) due to health concerns at any time


-  We want this day to be safe for everyone, so we have developed what we believe to be the best, and safest way to be open on St. Patrick's Day.

-  The staff of The Dublin Pub will literally work all day and night.  Please be patient, we have a smaller staff, but we will do our best to make you enjoy your day.

-  We will be strictly following are COVID health guidelines and protocols set up by the Serve Ohio a well as a well thought out socially distant seating floorplan.  You will enjoy your day much better, if you simply show up on time, sit at your table or barstool with your friends or family, and wear a mask except when actively drinking or eating.

-  We will doing everything on our part to make this day go smooth, and without problems.  But this is the first time we have ever done this format of business, and there are bound to be hiccups.  So, please, please, please, BE PATIENT.


​all tables are numbered and available times will be listed on the online ordering tool.

                                                                  ST. PATRICK'S DAY 2021
Welcome to the 2021 St. Patrick's day.  Although things will not be like our normal St. Patrick's Day festivities which have made us the #1 St. Patrick's Day in Ohio, we will have a day of celebration of Irish heritage in the most safe, socially distant, and covid safe environment we can provide according to CDC and Ohio health guidelines.  Here is what we can tell you - at least we will have a St. Patrick's Day this year.

We want to come clean.  We hate this, and it sucks, and many may not like the way we are structuring our business on St. Patrick's Day, but this is the safest way we can remain open, and serve our patrons in the safest environment we can for our patrons as well as our staff.  The overwhelming majority will be perfectly fine with what we have planned, but for those that aren't, please remember that our business and staff has lost a tremendous amount in the past year, and all we are trying to do is come out the other side still in tact.  We ask if you don't like our plans, to just table your complaints and come out and enjoy St. Patrick's Day 2022 with a vengeance.  


First we need to stress that it is our intention to control the influx of people, so that we do not get into an issue with our covid safe capacity, and we also want to steer away from any large crowds trying to get in.  For that reason, we will be making reservations for table space on our website by Tuesday March 2.  Each reservation will be good for three hours the block is for 3 hours with 15 minutes between seating so we can properly clean and sanitize.  Our website will have floorplans, and pictures of the tables, and you will be able to make a reservation for any table you like on March 2.

You ask,"Can I make more than one reservation?"  Yes, of course, you may reserve the table in back to back time slots and that will get you roughly 6 hours and 15 minutes. Please understand, this day is our busiest day of the year, and it is a way that our staff and business can make back some of what we lost in 2020.  So, turning tables is important for our staff and the pub, and it gives other people a chance to experience The Dublin Pub on St. Patrick's Day.


In short, it will be the same as every year.  $10 to get in.  We will be collecting the facilities fee upon your table or bar reservation.  A four person table will be $40 for the three hour block.  If you wish to have the table back to back, it will be another $40.  This fee covers only the reserved table and the seats associated.  IT DOES NOT COVER ANY FOOD, DRINK, OR MERCHANDISE.  These items will be additional.  We will have plenty of expenses on St. Patrick's Day, and the money collected from the reservation fees will go to support the artists performing on St. Patrick's Day, the sound and stage crew and lighting - keep in mind many of these people have not performed or made money for their performances since March of 2020.  Other expenses are fencing, additional bathrooms, and possibly any street closures (we will talk about that next), and of course staffing.  It sucks, but we will probably have to employ a decent amount of people to constantly remind patrons to keep their mask on at all times unless actively eating or drinking.  Eating or drinking can only be done while sitting down at a table or bar.  And please don't ask to dance.  Just like in the movie Footloose, there is no dancing (unless you are a performer).  


Here is our plan.  We have asked the city if we can close down one lane of traffic closest to our curb on Wayne Ave heading North.  Our intent is to have a drive up lane where you can purchase from a very small menu of food items, and some Irish beer or cocktails to go to enjoy in the safety of your home.  We are still working on this plan, so we are not ready to release the menu items.  Out intent, will to make this as quick as possible.  



So this is a tough one, and we are not prepared to act on the outdoor dining space on our patio, or our "Pop Up Patio" in our parking lot.  We know we cannot put a tent up over the space, as the space is intended for an open air experience.  We simply will have to wait till the seven or five day forecast tells us about the 65 degree weather will be having.  Once the weather forecast gives us the go ahead, we will have additional tables we can seat patrons at outside.  If it is a bit chilly, we can supply heaters.  As of now, we cannot commit to our outdoor space for reservation


This itinerary will be subject to change, and times are not guaranteed


7am  Jameson's Folly, traditional Irish 7am-10am

10:30am  Celtic Academy of Irish Dance

11am  Father, Son, & Friends, Celtic folk (10:30am - 6:30pm)

1pm  Miami Valley Pipe and Drums

1:30 pm  McGovern Irish Dance 

​6:30pm  Celtic Academy of Irish Dance

7pm 9 Castle Close, Celtic Rock (7pm-11pm)

Throughout the day, will have live music, bagpipes, and Irish dancers - but all of this will be within socially distant guidelines and weather permitting, some of it will be outside.


The pickup location will be the Northbound curbside lane on Wayne Ave in front of the pub.  All you do is pull forward, order, and drive away.  Th items we are offering are very limited for this service, but you can get beverages as well.  The menu is right here for the items offered for take away.