300 WAYNE AVE. ​​​​DAYTON, OH​ ​45410

First Cigar Event Tuesday March 30, 2021

Hosted by The Dublin Pub & George Karras of The Market in Kettering

This Cigar event is pure genius. The Dublin Pub purchases all their cigars from The Market in Kettering.  A few winters ago, a conversation between George Karras of The Market and Steve Tieber of The Dublin Pub took place (their kids went to school together), and they decided to partner on a Cigar Event,  George promised to bring a representative from a major Cigar Company, an assortment of premium cigars, and some cool cigar merch to give away.  Steve promised to deliver a tasting of premium cocktails or craft beers, hosted by a distributor to be on site to answer questions about the products as well as some cool merch to give away.  Additionally, The Dublin Pub will also compliment the tasting and cigars with an appetizer buffet created by Chef Melissa.  The Cigar Lover’s event will always take place on the last Tuesday of the month, from 6:00pm till 9:00pm, and will take place on the patio.  The cost for the event varies based on quality of cigars but is usually $60 with a reservation, and $70 at the door, and will include an assortment of premium cigars hosted by George Karras, of The Market in Kettering, a tasting hosted by a liquor or craft beer distributor, and an appetizer buffet designed to complement the cigars and tasting.  Additionally the cigar and liquor distributors will bring plenty of giveaway merchandise ensuring that all participants leave with something for free.  We always like to point out that the cigars alone retail for the amount of the entire tasting.​

Cigar Lovers